NYT Defends Hunter Biden’s Unemployed Earnings

Hunter Biden got his wealth from questionable overseas business deals and perhaps his artwork. However, a recent New York Times publication attempts to portray the story of the president’s son differently.

According to the publication, President Joe Biden is innocent of a long-running scheme to profit from his position in public life through shady dealings around the world engineered by his son, Hunter Biden.

In response to the allegations levied against the Bidens, NYT released a 5,426-word report blaming Republicans for promoting a false story about President Joe Biden’s involvement with his son’s shady business dealings.

This multi-thousand-page Democrat-sponsored report comes as a shock given the sufficient evidence proving that Biden is involved with Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings and influence peddling. The White House has also denied the allegations.

The Justice Department’s investigation into the business dealings of the president’s son has remained active, with a grand jury inquiring information about payments he received from around the world.

In the the broader investigation arising from work he did worldwide. The Yale-educated lawyer’s professional life has overlapped with his father’s public service, including working as a registered lobbyist for domestic interests. Hunter was also pursuing deals and clients in Europe and Asia while his father was vice president.

In the first step of their long-assured investigation, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have summoned the Treasury Department to provide information about the Henter’s banking transactions.

In an earlier report that paved the way for the intended hearings, The GOP members said they had evidence demonstrating deliberate, repeated deception of the American people, abuse of the executive branch for personal gain, use of government power to obstruct the investigation, and more.

NYT’s report has blamed Hunter’s troubled life on his brother, Beau’s death in 2015, causing him to descend into a spiral of addiction and obnoxious and self-destructive behavior.

“He is sober now and no longer entangled in foreign business deals. He is a visible presence in his father’s life — his oldest daughter was married at the White House in November, and he attended a state dinner last month,” according to the article.