NYC Lawmaker Blames ‘White Supremacy’ For Black Shooter

Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, a New York state assemblywoman from Brooklyn, made a giant assumption after the Wednesday mass shooting in Oklahoma and completely whiffed.

Bounding onto Twitter that evening, Hermelyn decried the rapid succession of recent mass shootings. So far so good, as this is something any reasonable person agrees with. But then the rant shifted full speed into unreasonableness.

Noting the shooting at the Tulsa hospital occured on the 101st anniversary of the Tulsa Black Wall Street killings, she posted that “White Supremacy is clearly a factor.”

There’s this minor hiccup in Hermelyn’s mad rush to judgment. The suspect was identified the next day as Michael Lewis, a 45-year-old Black male.

Perhaps we need a mandatory waiting period for dumb comments until more facts are known. And, does this qualify as “disinformation?”

The suspect, who police say fatally shot himself after the rampage, underwent back surgery at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa on May 19. He was released from the hospital five days later but repeatedly called the office for more treatment due to ongoing pain.

Authorities say Dr. Preston Phillips, who performed the surgery on Louis and was the target of the massacre, met his patient again on Tuesday. The next day, after yet another call for “assistance,” the suspect purchased an “AR-15 style” rifle from a gun dealer and carried out the attack.

Back in Brooklyn, Hermelyn two years ago became the first Haitian-American and first female chairwoman of the Kings County Democratic Committee. She came under fire earlier this year for her husband, Edu Hermelyn, getting a job with New York City’s Social Services.

His title? Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives. Okay.

The assemblywoman and Democratic boss is a close ally of NYC Mayor Eric Adams. In 2020, her husband took an $80,000 a year job on Adams’ campaign staff that was criticized as a position with very little responsibility.

As one Twitter user noted and Hermelyn should take note of, bad people commit crimes. Scoring political points off tragedies is a ghoulish and losing proposition for lawmakers of any stripe, and it is disrespectful to the victims. A leader with any merit at all knows this.