NY Taxpayers Losing $10 Billion To Illegal Immigration Annually

As the debate over immigration policy continues, new findings suggest that Joe Biden’s open border immigration policies will cost New York taxpayers a staggering $10 billion in 2023. The conservative Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) reports that more than 1 million illegal immigrants and asylum-seeking migrants in New York state benefit from federal, state, and local government programs, leading to significant taxpayer expenses.

The report comes as American taxpayers face a massive $31 trillion national debt while the government struggles to provide essential services.

New York’s taxpayers will reportedly spend $4.65 billion on education-related expenses, $3.5 billion on healthcare and welfare, and $1.75 billion on immigration-related law enforcement. Meanwhile, the border crisis costs U.S. taxpayers over $150 billion annually, a 30% increase since 2017. These figures, however, are offset by an estimated $31 billion in taxes collected from illegal aliens.

Critics argue that the Biden administration’s lax border policies have created a historic influx of illegal aliens, placing an undue burden on hard-working Americans. Rep. Anthony D’Esposito (R-NY), a member of the Homeland Security Committee, asserts that the “porous border policy” is to blame for the inflow of illegal immigrants and narcotics into the U.S., leading to increased suffering for American citizens.

Since Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, over 1 million migrants have escaped custody after crossing the U.S. border illegally. FAIR President Dan Stein argues that open border advocates within the government are responsible for driving up costs associated with illegal immigration. In addition, he contends that not only has the Biden administration failed to curb illegal immigration, but it has also encouraged policies that provide new protections and benefits for those settling in the U.S. illegally.

States like New York, California, Texas, and Florida, which have high numbers of illegal immigrants, are bearing the brunt of the costs associated with this issue. In addition, sanctuary states, which provide additional benefits and services to illegal immigrants, are also incurring high expenses. New York households, for example, pay an average of $1,321 each on immigration-related costs.

As the issue of illegal immigration continues to strain state resources, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has declared a state of emergency over the migrant influx. Over 52,700 asylum seekers have gone through New York City’s system since last spring, with more than 31,900 remaining in the city’s care. The city has opened 97 emergency shelters and 7 Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers to address the crisis.

Critics of FAIR’s report, such as the libertarian Cato Institute, argue that the study overestimates the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. and includes the costs of government benefits for U.S.-born children of immigrants. Nevertheless, the report highlights the substantial financial impact of illegal immigration on American taxpayers and raises questions about the sustainability of current policies.

In the face of these growing costs and societal challenges, it remains crucial for Americans to consider the long-term consequences of the Biden administration’s border policies while searching for solutions.