Nunes Rips DOJ, Garland For Unprecedented Raid of Trump Home

Few people in the political world can get to the heart of the matter as quickly and fiercely as Devin Nunes. In an appearance on Fox News, Nunes summarized the DOJ’s missteps, Garland’s agenda, planted evidence, and more.

Last week the FBI stormed former President Donald Trump’s home, moved about in secret, and then let the media bandy about flimsy accusations that had no basis in reality.

First and foremost was the utterly fake news of nuclear secrets being kept at a Florida resort for 18 months. How would the Justice Department and several others react if this had even an inkling of truth?

It would make the unprecedented raid on Trump’s home look low-key and quiet by comparison.

The simple truth is, despite what the Washington Post breathlessly said to anyone who still reads it, there were none.

Nunes drew the obvious parallel that the mainstream media egregiously overlooked, and that’s the route taken to get at the former president. They convened a grand jury.

It is, as he put it so well, “an investigation in search of a crime.” It was six years ago when another grand jury was assembled to go after Trump and his fellow Republicans for “colluding” with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow. How did that investigation turn out?

Nunes harkened back to the Mueller investigation which turned up nothing but argued in a witch hunt-like manner that Trump was “obstructing justice.”

Further, Trump noted on Truth Social last week that even his lawyers were not allowed to be in areas of his home that were being rummaged during the raid. The former president asked, “Why did they STRONGLY insist” on there being no eyes watching what they were doing?

As he said, no one could see what “they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, planting.” And Attorney General Merrick Garland, who still believes he should be on the Supreme Court, put his stamp of approval on the raid.

History is not going to look kindly on the way this administration goes about attacking its rivals. Sending in the FBI on a blanket search of your now-likely 2024 opponent for president does not sit well with the public, no matter what the left-wing media tries to preach.