Nonprofit Using Alternate Names to Fund Democratic Campaigns and Litigation

Alana Goodman, the senior investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, went to visit an organization called Accountable Tech which refers to itself as a “small nonprofit taking on Big Tech companies.”

Goodman tweeted, “What I found when I went to visit the “small profit” activist group that’s been attacking @elonmusk. Turns out it doesn’t actually exist.”

She also explained that Accountable Tech, which went under the guise of “Opportunity Wisconsin,” spent roughly $4 million on attack ads against Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). That hardly seems like a “small non-profit.” Under the name “Democracy Docket Action Fund,” they assisted with financing state-level redistricting lawsuits with the intent of favoring Democrats nationwide.

Goodman also reported, “Political watchdogs say the fund, which isn’t required to disclose the donors behind its $66 million budget, is gearing up to be one of the most consequential dark-money players of the midterm election. And while ‘astroturf’ groups are nothing new in politics, critics say the North Fund is part of a new breed moving away from specific policy advocacy and delving into electoral politics.”

Hayden Ludwig, a senior investigator with the Capital Research Center, said “North Fund has said screw it. They’ve just decided to be as partisan as they can.”

Ludwig also said, “Their money has been pretty much exclusively focused on Senate races, on ballot initiatives, and a few things kind of related to that. The general theme there is cementing permanent Democratic majorities in Congress.”

Focusing on lower federal and state elections has been a huge source of funds for many years. People are beginning to understand that there’s only so much a president can do in the states and influencing local elections is going to be far more fruitful for their goals.

Of the $66 million that North Fund received in 2020, 93% of the money came from donors giving $1 million.

Goodman also tweeted, “The North Fund is managed by a Democratic consulting firm called Arabella Advisors. At Arabella’s office building in D.C., the lobby receptionists told the Free Beacon they were under strict orders from the firm to turn away all outside visitors”

The front desk manager even said that North Fund uses the address but doesn’t maintain a presence in the building. The manager even said that they weren’t aware of where the non-profit is located.

In response to Goodman’s Twitter thread, Elon Musk responded, “I wonder who funds them.”