NFL Legend Speaks Out Against Men In Women’s Sports

National Football League (NFL) legend Rob Gronkowski recently spoke out against the idea of men playing in women’s sports, telling Fox News that “there’s no argument” one could make in favor of such an unfair practice.

Since President Joe Biden took office and Democrats controlled Congress, the irrational idea that gender is somehow interchangeable has been heavily promoted, including in schools where teachers are indoctrinating children on such a topic. With this idea, came another that men, identifying as female, should be allowed to participate in women’s sports.

In an interview with Fox News, Gronkowski shed light on the unfairness of allowing biological males to compete in female sports.

“There’s really no thoughts to really even share. It’s the obvious,” Gronkowski said. “There are men’s sports for men, there’s women’s sports for women. It should just stay like that. It’s just as simple as that, man. There’s really no argument. There should really be no conversation about it.”

“How it’s been is how it should be,” he added. “Men play men’s sports, women play women’s sports. It’s as simple as that. It’s really unfair if a man went into a women’s sport and played it. It just doesn’t really make much sense to me.”

Gronkowski echoed his comments during a brief interaction with a reporter from the Daily Caller, who asked the NFL legend whether men should be allowed to play in women’s sports. Gronkowski replied by shaking his head.

Gronkowski’s view that men and women should be kept separate from each other in the sports world falls in line with 69% of Americans.

A Gallup poll recently revealed that 69% of Americans believe athletes should only be permitted to play for sports teams corresponding with their biological gender. Just 26% of respondents argued the opposite.

The survey, conducted in May 2023, marked a seven-point shift from May 2021 in those who believe gender should dictate sports participation.

Gronkowski’s career in the NFL spans 11 years. As a player, Gronkowski won four Super Bowls, three of which came during his time with the New England Patriots, while one was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.