Newsom Survives Recall By Attracting Trump Voters

Gov. Gavin Newson of California survived a recall election Tuesday night by instilling fear, vilifying opponents, and sprinkling in some prejudice. Newsom and his acolytes couldn’t run on their record after driving a failed state into the dirt, so they just attacked Republican candidate Larry Elder and former President Donald Trump.

Larry Elder, the Democratic primary opponent of California Governor-elect Gavin Newsom, is regarded as an admirer of President Donald Trump, despite his disagreements with Trump on free trade and troop reductions in Afghanistan. President Joe Biden dubbed Elder the “closest thing to a Trump clone” and urged Californians to vote for neither Newsom nor Trump.

The 45th president’s visage was splashed all over Elder’s campaign flyers and advertisements, thus turning the contest into a referendum on him.

“If the recall were merely a referendum on his record, Newsom would have a major issue,” says the professor. However, he succeeded in framing the election as a choice between a Democrat and Trump-loving extreme Republicans.

Former state senator Larry Elder claims that California Governor Gavin Newsom screamed: “Trump, Trump, Trump” to distract voters from his record on taxes, education, and other concerns. Elder, a Democrat from San Francisco, claims that Newsom loses a congressional seat due to California voters fleeing to other states.

More than 2 million Californians signed recall petitions to remove Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, but it wasn’t enough to prevent Joe Biden from unseating him. “A victory will be more of a thundering rejection of the right-wing Republican agenda than a vote of confidence,” a New York Times writer conceded Monday.

The California Democratic Party and numerous high-profile Democrats from throughout the country swiftly rallied behind Newsom, repeating the Newsom campaign’s depiction of the recall movement as led by far-right extremists. Despite these disparities, polling data released immediately after the election showed that voters were split on whether or not to recall Newsom.