New York Times Goes After Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s presence in a potential three-way presidential race between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden has many pundits wondering what could happen. Leftists are panicking as new polls show Kennedy shifting more votes toward the former president, paving the way for negative articles about the independent candidate to surface.

One such anti-Kennedy article was recently written by New York Times investigative reporter Susanne Craig, who rose to prominence in the editorial world after falsely writing that then-President Donald Trump was not a self-made millionaire.

Now, Craig is turning her focus toward Kennedy, who has been seen steadily rising in polls against the president, posing a risk to the Democratic Party in 2024.

Craig recently wrote a 4,100-word hit piece directed toward Kenndy, titled “In Public Causes, Kennedy Earns Acclaim, Criticism and a Fortune.”

On X, formerly known as Twitter, the New York Times investigative reporter summed up the thesis of her article, writing, “The causes RFK Jr. has championed have made him A LOT of money. His life has been a long, private hustle of paid speeches, advisory gigs, and so on. Wealthy friends were behind the purchase of his home on the Kennedy compound.”

Like Craig did with Trump in 2019, she is now going after Kennedy over the independent presidential candidate’s finances.

In her piece for the New York Times, she wrote, “Throughout his long public life, Mr. Kennedy has cultivated an image as a man committed to a greater good, the blessing and burden of belonging to one of America’s most storied political families.”

“But an examination of Mr. Kennedy’s finances by The New York Times, including public filings and almost two dozen interviews as well as tax returns and other documents not previously made public,” showed a hefty increase of “tens of millions of dollars,” Craig continued.

What’s interesting about the timing of Craig’s article is the fact that when Kennedy was still running for president as a Democrat, the New York Times didn’t write any hit pieces on him, NewsBusters reported.

Now, as polls continue revealing that Kennedy’s candidacy poses a grave risk to the Democratic Party in 2024, the New York Times is gearing toward attacking anyone who dares to challenge Biden.