New York Pushing For Invasive Concealed Carry Requirements

Last month, the United States Supreme Court dealt the gun control movement a serious blow by striking down “may-issue” concealed carry laws, deeming them to be illegal.

The justices pointed out that there’s never been any other situation where Americans were required to prove they needed to exercise a constitutional right before being able to use it.

This ruling was lambasted by Democrats, especially ones in New York. Since the verdict, the state has been working on finding backdoor methods of pushing against gun ownership, especially concealed carry.

In New York, the legislature is considering social media reviews as a requirement for people who want to conceal carry guns outside of their own homes.

What New York Has in Store For Its People
In a nutshell, the latest measures being considered cause New Yorkers to have to jump through many hoops to obtain concealed carry permits.

They would require applicants to turn over multiple character references, contact details for adults living in their homes, proof of 16 completed hours of firearms training, proof of two hours spent in the gun range, and all social media accounts that have been used within the past three years.

The idea behind the state government getting to comb through concealed carry permit applicants’ social media accounts is supposedly about “character.”

New York, under this provision, says access to social media accounts would let the state determine how someone with a concealed carry permit might conduct themselves.

Even without the social media requirement, the measures being proposed make getting a concealed carry permit in the left-wing state very difficult. Some Americans have argued this is ultimately the point of why Democrats are going this route.

Backlash From the New York State Firearms Association
Concealed carry application requirements proposed by the legislature have been panned by the New York State Firearms Association.

According to the pro-gun group, the measures that New York seeks to impose don’t stand a chance of lasting beyond a court challenge.

The New York State Firearms Association also claimed that what Democratic lawmakers are proposing would make the Chinese communist regime very much proud.

Eerily enough, the notion of New York checking applicants’ social media accounts to determine their character directly parallels China’s communist social credit score system.