New York Magazine is Washing Its Hands of Joe Biden

The longer Joe Biden’s presidency drags on, the more allies he seems to lose.

In the time leading up to Biden’s arrival in office, the mainstream media was singing his praises. The president regularly received positive press coverage; however, as one scandal after the next emerged, a shift took place.

As time passed, networks like CNN, NBC, and others began to admit that real problems existed with Biden’s leadership. They drew attention to polls showing Biden doing poorly, along with the documented problems that inflation and high gas prices have caused.

Over the past several weeks, there’s been a brewing consensus on the left that perhaps Biden isn’t the best candidate for Democrats in the 2024 presidential election. New York Magazine now appears to be joining the bandwagon of people telling Biden, “not so fast.”

New York Magazine on Biden 2024
According to the publication, Democrats are “quietly” seeking out alternative candidates to represent the party in 2024.

New York Magazine then goes on to admit that for many Democrats, there “has to” be a plan b involved, presumably so they’re not stuck with all the baggage tied to the current president.

Per the article, Democrats largely view Biden’s future as uncertain. They are worried about the low approval ratings and policy disasters that repeatedly emerge on his watch, as well.

Ultimately, the New York Magazine sounds the alarm that Biden’s presidency could eventually lead to a revitalization of Trumpism and Republican leadership in America.

The publication portrayed this as a nightmare scenario of Democrats swiftly voted out of power and therefore unable to pursue their agendas on climate change and US elections.

A Situation of Democrats’ Own Making
During the 2020 presidential election, Democrats had a series of candidates to select during the primary election. Biden was far from the only option; however, this is what the party collectively supported.

Other contenders, such as current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, even dropped out of the race, solely to clear the path for Biden.
In many elections, ousting an incumbent from office does not come as easily as party activists want it to. Now, because of Biden, Democrats are politically tied to baby formula shortages, massive rates of illegal border crossings, and other problems.

Despite the clear implications in the New York Magazine’s latest coverage of Biden, there are, in fact, other Democratic alternatives for the 2024 race. However, these alternatives are pretty much on par with the current president, if not worse.