New York Governor Makes A Serious Mistake In Attacking DeSantis

In 2020 and 2021, the Democrat Party gleefully weaponized the government to create a nanny state where people were greatly burdened with never-ending mandates disguised as public health precautions.

Democrats had no issue standing by various restrictions despite the harm they caused. This year, the Democrat Party is now living to regret this.

Amid negative poll numbers for Democrats and mass uprisings against mandated left-wing leaders, everyone is dropping the draconian ducts they implemented yet breached and pretending like all is well.

It is undoubtedly the case in New York. New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul took shots at Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis earlier this week. However, as Twitchy explains, Hochul severely missed the mark and just wound up making a fool of herself.

After a video went viral of the Florida governor encouraging kids to take off face masks and claiming that masks were nothing more than “theater,” Governor Hochul took issue with this.

Therefore, the New York governor released a video statement declaring her community doesn’t stand for “bullying” and called for everyone to be treated with “respect.”

However, when it comes to New York and bullying Hochul seems to suffer from revisionist history. Therefore, Christina Pushaw, the press secretary of Governor DeSantis, was too willing to clear things up.

Pushaw responded to Hochul, declaring that New York is the same state that previously forced children to have their lunch meals in weather that was 30 degrees, all because the state didn’t want them taking off their masks indoors.

Later, DeSantis’ press secretary declared the Florida governor lives “rent-free” in the head of his New York counterpart.

Thus far, the New York governor has declined to issue a public response to this feedback.

Governor Hochul made headlines not too long ago for visiting Florida, despite she and other Democrats routinely trashing the state. However, the New York governor isn’t the only Democrat to do this.

Months ago, House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also chose to spend some time in the Sunshine State after previously raging against DeSantis for not requiring masks and vaccine passports.

Democrats can’t have it both ways. They can’t spend two years bullying people for not wearing masks or getting COVID vaccines but then turn around and scream that anyone who encourages unmasking is a bully.

Democrats can’t trash red states as danger zones but simultaneously vacation in these states and expect to be taken seriously.

The double standards and empty rhetoric from Governor Hochul of New York perfectly represent today’s Democratic Party.