New York Democrat Mocks ‘Ignorant’ Citizens Concerned Over Migrants

The private words of an upstate New York Democrat drew fierce criticism after he smeared his constituents for concerns over hordes of illegal migrants.

State Sen. John Mannion was captured on a Sept. 14 Zoom call conversing about the migrant situation in the Empire State. Recently he publicly blasted New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams for his failures in shipping migrants to northern towns and away from the city.

But privately, Mannion showed his true colors.

He told others on the Zoom call that he represents some “very Republican areas.” Mannion continued, “They are fearful that buses of migrants are going to come into where they live and change their community.”

Then the candidate for New York’s contentious 22nd congressional district added, “It is just unbelievable to me, but I’m not surprised at the ignorance.”

It was just May when Mannion railed against New York City officials for putting migrants on buses and shipping them into his district. “New York City’s unilateral decision to send migrants four hours away from their destination of choice is a policy failure.”

He further asserted that local governments in upstate New York should not bear the burden for the city’s failures. Mannion called it unfair to local taxpayers and communities he represents.

That, of course, was the Democrat’s public stance intended to appease residents angry at buses dumping off scores of illegal migrants.

Privately, however, Mannion expressed his belief that this opposition was rooted in ignorance and insulted the very people he expected to vote for him.

The Democrat expressed his views to a group of party colleagues on the call, saying the migrant issue “will be weaponized” by his opponents. He called it “effective,” conceding that his constituents are concerned with their areas being overrun.

Mannion is running in a swing district that became a Republican victory in 2022 by only 4,000 votes. Brandon Williams (R-NY) now holds the 22nd congressional seat, and he chastised his opponent for belittling voters’ legitimate concerns over illegal migration.

Williams said, “Insulting voters who care about public safety isn’t the best way to launch a campaign, John.”

But that’s the Democratic position on illegal migration. Preach to others about what they should do and cry foul when the situation lands on their own doorstep.

Not a word was heard from liberals when it was just a Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona problem.