New York City Mayor ‘Throws’ Around The Race Card

When leftists are losing or not getting their way on something, it doesn’t take long for them to start throwing around the race card. There are myriad examples to cite. However, one of the latest and most relevant instances deals with election security in the United States.

In the wake of the questionable 2020 presidential election, along with a series of claims about voter fraud, multiple GOP-led states have passed clean elections bills meant to make legal voting easier and cheating much more difficult.

Democrats have descended upon any elections legislation, deeming racism and rehashing the Jim Crow era. None of these claims have any merit whatsoever, but leftists aren’t letting that stop them.

This week brought another example to the forefront of Democrats throwing around the race card. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has lately been facing criticism for his botched leadership in the community.

American Thinker reports that Adams’ response to this was to falsely claim critics are targeting him not because of his feckless leadership but because he’s black.

Throughout his mayoral campaign, Adams stated that his history of service as a police officer would allow him to put an end to New York City’s crime problem once and for all. However, local crime has grown rather than subsided since getting into office.

Naturally, the people of New York City want answers. When Adams was pressed about this matter, he declared the media’s vendetta against him because he’s Black. The left-wing Mayor then stated that journalists who are not African-American could not appropriately convey his leadership and experiences.

Mayor Adams then declared he was noting this “lovingly” and not out of hatred for anyone. It’s miserable for the NYC Mayor to use race to deflect criticism.

If Adams were fulfilling his campaign promise of bringing down crime, he wouldn’t be called out for the massive crime increases. Thus far, all the Democrat Mayor has done is pow-wow with Joe Biden and talk about firearms (which aren’t even manufactured in New York City) rather than come up with comprehensive, strategic means of ending crime.

It’s not racist for people to point this out and say that a mayor who campaigned on ending crime needs to follow through on this. It has nothing to do with Eric Adams’ color and everything to do with his nightmarish leadership that costs New Yorkers their safety and lives.