New York City Mayor Slammed For Destructive Masking Of Children

Leadership in New York City has been relatively poor for some time now. The deeply left-wing community has faced various left-wing leaders who adopt policies driving New York City underground.

Last year, New York City took a turn when it began implementing vaccine mandates for people to work, enter businesses, etc. Earlier this year, police officers and other first responders in the city lost their jobs for not taking COVID vaccines.

2022 started with Democrat Eric Adams being sworn into office as the mayor of New York City. However, Adams’ leadership has been disappointing. It might as well be a continuation of the de Blasio administration.

However, a new measure taken by the left-wing mayor has everyone up in arms, as Twitchy has documented.

This past Friday, the New York City mayor announced his decision to roll back the vaccine mandate for local businesses, along with the mask mandate for K-12 schools in the community.

Yet, in the same breath, Adams also declared that since children five years and under can’t get COVID vaccines, they will be mandated to keep masking up.

It is understandably not well-received.

Critics of the Democrat mayor explained that children five and under don’t have the discipline to keep face coverings on. Meanwhile, other folks pointed out that children’s social learning/development issues amid masking continue to come to the forefront.

Mayor Adams’ decree was also criticized as anti-science, especially as other western nations aren’t forcing tiny kids to conceal their noses and mouths any longer. Therefore, the New York City mayor has been urged to explain why he’s having children five and under keep their masks on.

Thus far, the New York Democrat hasn’t issued any public response to the backlash.

Parents were some of the loudest detractors of the New York City mayor’s decision about their young children on social media.

Adams’ choice to keep little kids masked is only the latest in a series of decisions Democrats have made to alienate parents. Democrat leaders were telling parents that they don’t get a say in what schools teach their kids months prior.

In the wake of pushback against this, some folks on the left have walked back this talk and claimed they’re very much interested in parental involvement in education.

At this time, Mayor Adams hasn’t set a deadline for when young kids in New York City will no longer be expected to wear face masks.