New York City Mayor ‘Embarrasses’ Himself With ‘Cringeworthy’ Statements

Eric Adams, the Democrat Mayor of New York City, has been in the news for quite some time now. Since getting sworn into office, Adams has overseen a city facing serious problems with crime.

Meanwhile, as all this plays out, Mayor Adams is standing by as police officers who are not vaccinated against COVID are about to be fired.

Across the country, many people, especially conservatives, have noted the insanity of firing New York City police officers while the community is dealing with a severe crime epidemic.

Like other Democrat leaders, the New York City Mayor seems to think he’s doing a swell job in office. Twitchy reports that Adams recently humiliated himself by not recognizing a clear insult.

Biden traveled to New York City to convene with Mayor Adams, Governor Kathy Hochul, and other state leaders on Thursday. The official purpose was to discuss strategies to reduce crime levels in New York City.

However, this was just for show. In reality, Biden went to the Empire State and used it as an opportunity to begin pushing for radical gun control. Adams, of course, was right there with Biden and on board with everything the 46th President advocated for.

While addressing the media, the Mayor of New York City bragged about being nicknamed the “Biden of Brooklyn.” However, it didn’t take long for social media users to point out this is nothing for Adams to be proud of.

Right now, polls show that most Americans disapprove of how Biden is dealing with crime, immigration, the southern border, and other issues. Likewise, five out of ten Americans support Biden being impeached.

Nevertheless, considering Adams’ status as a New York Democrat, no one should be genuinely shocked that he is proud of being likened to Biden.

During Biden’s time in New York City, he said nothing about the upcoming sackings of police officers who are not vaccinated against COVID. If this President were truly serious about beating back crime, he’d have advised Adams to keep police officers on the force rather than firing.

As everyone has seen across the country, fewer police officers mean more offenders and crimes in communities. New York City should prepare to become Gotham City with many officers fired.