New Troubling Details About Hunter Biden Released

The more information comes out about Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop, the more serious concerns it raises about national security matters and Joe Biden being in the White House.

Leaked audio from Hunter’s laptop revealed him talking about how his father is wrapped around his finger and will do anything he wants. Hunter even claimed his father would say whatever Hunter expects him to say, regardless of any potential political fallout.

This is just one of many examples concerning what’s caused questions about whether or not the current president is compromised. Now, a contact list of American officials found on Hunter’s laptop is, once again, capturing national attention.

More Shady Findings From Hunter’s Laptop
On the hard drive for Hunter’s laptop is a list of top American officials. These officials also just so happen to be in charge of dealings between the United States and communist China. What’s more is ten of the names on Hunter’s laptop are also top executives for Google.

During Joe Biden’s eight years as vice president, Hunter engaged in considerable business dealings in China.

Now, with the discovery of this new list, questions are coming up about whether Joe Biden pulled strings, using his power as the-then vice president to help his son in his career.

Hunter, in leaked emails, also repeatedly flaunted his last name. The first son eagerly made promises that he’d be able to pull things off and get results for foreign officials, simply because of who his father was.

Republicans are now inquiring about whether or not Hunter directly contacted top US officials on his list. Questions have also come up regarding if the Biden family used these connections to commit illegal or unethical acts, business-related or otherwise.

Previous findings from Hunter’s laptop also showed that his uncle (the president’s brother), James Biden, even had a role in the family’s China-based business affairs.

Reports claim James Biden served as a “fixer” in this capacity. However, that’s a claim the president’s brother rejects.

Radio Silence From the Biden Administration
There has not been a word of explanation from the White House about the names of US officials found on Hunter’s hard drive.

The Biden administration is also completely silent regarding reports of the president giving Hunter cash-on-hand for a Russian escort who was being human trafficked. Many mainstream media outlets likewise aren’t shouting this story from the rooftops either.

The White House’s radio silence on these troubling matters comes despite the administration’s previous commitment to be transparent with the American public.