New Mexico Gun Ban Causes Anger From The Left

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham (D) introduced an emergency ban on firearms in her state this week. The order labels guns as an emergency health crisis and bans carrying a firearm for 30 days.

The emergency ban that resulted in a 30-day ban on firearm carry in New Mexico has received backlash. The backlash from gun owners was expected; the backlash from the left was not.

Litigation manager for the ACLU of New Mexico Lalita Moskowitz recently spoke on the new ban and the far-reaching issues with it. Moskowitz cites Grisham’s ban as an overreach by the government. She also compared the ban to over-policing tactics.

The result of these issues is a community that feels racially profiled and unsettled by how far the government will use emergency orders in the future.

Moskowitz went on to discuss the possible ways to combat the issue of gun violence in New Mexico without stripping the rights of responsible citizens. Some of the suggestions made by Moskowitz were to use solutions that have provided change in the past such as the root causes for the violence.

Moskowitz was not the only democrat to make her feelings known on the subject. California Sen. Ted Lieu (D) took to social media to let his feelings on the ban known.

Lieu’s issue was with the unconstitutional issues of the ban. He also voiced problems with the fact there is “no such thing as the state public health emergency exception to the U.S. Constitution.”

Another shocking statement against Grisham’s ban came from David Hogg. Hogg is a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre. He is also a gun control supporter and considered a radical by many for his statements on the subject.

Hogg also went to social media to voice his opinion on the ban. He stood with Lieu repeating that there is no such thing as the state public health emergency exception.

In a recent turn related to Grisham and the ban, the process to see impeachment has started. The proceedings for impeachment are being headed by state Reps. Stefani Lord ( R) and John Block (R ).