New Hampshire Residents Just Say No To Biden Reelection

One of the nation’s bellwether states for choosing our chief executives just gave a pointed thumbs down to President Joe Biden. New Hampshire residents overwhelmingly oppose the incumbent running for reelection in 2024.

The startling results come from a University of New Hampshire/Granite State Poll released last week. An astounding 65% of respondents do not want Biden to seek a second term, a 12-point increase from a year ago.

And 52% said they “definitely” oppose him seeking reelection.

There’s just no way to sugarcoat the results in a state where Biden defeated former President Donald Trump with nearly 53% of the 2020 tally. Of the 29% who confess to want him back in office for another four years, only a miniscule 9% “definitely” put that on their wish list.

This is not a groundswell of support, and breaking the numbers down further shows just how tepid Biden’s base is. Likely Democratic voters supporting Biden running for reelection dramatically fell from 74% last year to only 54% currently.

Amazingly, an even higher number of New Hampshire self-identified Democrats have a negative opinion of Vice President Kamala Harris. As badly as the quarterback is sinking, no one is clamoring for his backup to replace him. That’s an odd way to have job security.

In another striking change for New Hampshire voters, the latest numbers show 39% of likely Republican primary voters support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. That is not only up from his 18% support level in October, but it’s two percentage points higher than Trump’s 37%.

With the poll’s margin of error, the two are effectively tied in Republican support. Former Vice President Mike Pence was next with 9%.

And unlike other potential Republican nominees, DeSantis has not publicly hedged his choice to run in 2024 on what the former president decides to do.

There is still much time and many issues between now and making a decision on 2024. Inflation and possible recession, the Supreme Court, and who controls Congress after November and who-knows-what-else are major issues still to play out.

But the White House cannot be happy with what New Hampshire voters clearly said. And as much as the administration would like to see the numbers change, the Democratic base must be ready to pound the panic button.