New Disney+ Kids’ Show Features Men Dating and Transgender Man Buying Tampons

Disney’s assault on the values of the youngest Americans is only increasing. The new Disney+ children’s show “Baymax!” quickly went out of its way to push the newly woke entertainment company’s ideology onto kids.

In the spinoff of 2014’s “Big Hero 6” movie, a male character named Mbita confesses a crush on Yukio, another man, and then finds courage to ask him on a date.

Yukio’s response? “Great, sounds fun.”

The central character, a balloon-like robot who is also a healthcare provider, tells one of the men that his heartbeat is faster and that his hormones are increasing. This causes embarrassment to the man asking the other man on a date.

In another scene streaming on Disney+, Baymax finds a 12-year-old girl in the school’s “all-gender” bathroom worried about her first menstrual cycle. He volunteers to find the product she needs and goes to a nearby store.

Baymax stares at the feminine hygiene display with confusion. He sees rows of tampons and pads and decides to ask a nearby woman which ones she would recommend.

This woman and then another give the bewildered Baymax their picks, and then a “male” wearing a shirt with a transgender flag chimes in. “I always get the ones with wings.”

So, according to Disney, men can have periods. At what point did the iconic entertainment company decide that it was their responsibility to indoctrinate kids on sexuality. That’s hardly the job of schools, but it is certainly not the mission of the creators of Mickey Mouse.

Disney’s defenders took to social media to trash conservatives who want to keep this non-entertainment away from their children. A common refrain is that people grew up seeing animals die in Disney movies.

And this has exactly what to do with indoctrinating children with false transgender ideology?

The company that was forever rumored to hide movie messages in puffy clouds floating by is now front and center with its grooming. It’s a shame that parents have to sift through every movie and clip with a fine-toothed comb for inappropriate material to shield their young children from.

Eventually, as Disney will soon learn, parents will tire of this and Disney will either revert or slide into oblivion. And either cannot come soon enough.