Musk Says Kids Young Enough To Believe In Santa Can’t Grasp The Concept Of ‘Gender’

Twitter CEO Elon Musk called out the bizarre logic of radical gender ideologues in a post on Twitter, noting that children young enough to think that Santa Claus is real are not capable of understanding the concept of “gender.”

The left routinely claims that children as young as toddler age can understand the concept of “gender” and can even be trusted in their claims that they are the opposite gender — with some leftists even going so far as saying that infants can know they are “transgender.”

Meanwhile, conservatives have argued that parents who encourage their children to transition are committing abuse.

Musk started a conversation about the issue in a tweet on Friday, sharing a meme featuring a pregnant woman asking her doctor whether her unborn child is a boy or a girl — to which the doctor responded: “We’ll let the kindergarten teacher decide.”

The same meme has been shared by many conservatives in recent months as a condemnation of radical gender ideology and the teachers who have been caught pushing transgenderism on children.

Musk’s tweet received thousands of responses, one of which was another meme featuring an image of a child with text that reads: “YOU’RE TELLING ME I CAN’T PICK MY BEDTIME BUT I CAN PICK MY GENDER?”

In response to the meme, Musk agreed with the sentiment and provided a further analogy about the issue.

“Kids who are so young they think Santa is literally true obviously cannot understand the concept of ‘gender,’” the Twitter CEO wrote.

Musk has been calling out radical gender ideology for some time now, previously expressing his intent to lobby to make performing gender transition procedures on children a criminal offense.

“This is a major problem. I will be actively lobbying to criminalize making severe, irreversible changes to children below the age of consent. Shame on those who advocate this! It is utterly contemptible,” he tweeted in response to a discussion about the increased suicide rate among transgender individuals even post-transition.

The Twitter CEO has also previously declared that the concept of “gender-affirming care for minors” is “pure evil.”

What the left refers to as “gender-affirming care” is actually the opposite — it involves using methods such as puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and surgeries that seek to make irreversible and often-dangerous changes to an individual’s body that mask their true identity in favor of a proclaimed “gender identity” that is the direct opposite of their biological gender.