MSNBC Reporter Makes Gross Sexist Remark About Lauren Boebert — It Backfired

Just when you thought the Fake News Media could not sink any lower! Democrat strategist Kurt Bardella ruffled the feathers of people on both sides of the political spectrum Wednesday after he suggested a female politician will become a sex worker should she lose her congressional race.

Bardella’s comments would most likely be considered unacceptably sexist by all left-wingers until one crucial detail came out — the politician in question is Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

The arguably misogynistic remark came in response to Joy Reid asking Bardella about Boebert’s future if she loses her seat to Democrat candidate Adam Frisch.

“What’s the meaning if, uh, Lauren Boebert, the second most popular QAnon congressperson and MAGA, what if she goes… what if she loses?” asked MCBC’s Joy Reid.

“Well uh uh I guess it might be a gain for OnlyFans,” Bardella said with a grin on his face.

Reid laughed loudly while Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who was also present for the segment, sat silently with her mouth wide open.

The Post Millenial shared the clip on Twitter.

“Joy Reid LAUGHS when @kurtbardella suggests Lauren Boebert’s loss will be ‘a gain for OnlyFans,’” they captioned the video shared Thursday.

“Does the left think sexism is ok so long as the target is a Republican?”

While it was patently clear that Reid found Bardella’s remarks to be humorous, some leftists felt different, including Philadelphia Democrat Alexandra Hunt, a former House candidate who lost in her party’s primary.

Hunt herself is a retired sex worker, according to NPR.

Bardella replied to Hunt’s charge that he has engaged in “sexism” in a series of posts on Twitter before he seized advantage of the opportunity to insult Americans who believe in the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda.

“I appreciate your feedback and when someone from your vantage point weighs in – that warrants consideration and reflection,” he wrote to Hunt.

“I’ll be more thoughtful about my words in the future. It is NEVER my intention to shame women. I apologize. Period,” he added.

“There is nothing wrong with consensual interactions on platforms like OnlyFans. Anyone suggesting otherwise in an effort to shame or judge really needs to examine their own perception of women and their autonomy,” said Bardella.

“That said, I have zero appetite for the faux-outrage coming from the MAGA-ites because we all know they don’t give a rip about sexism, misogyny, or equality,” he concluded, not hesitating to hide his disdain for Boebert and conservative Americans who may support former President Donald Trump.

“They are hypocrites of the first order… Just look at their standard-bearer.”

Congresswoman Boebert may very well end up having the last laugh — the Colorado representative was reportedly pulling inches ahead in her race Friday.