MSNBC Probes Biden On Campaign Announcement

During his first interview after announcing his reelection campaign, President Joe Biden was asked a direct question about the significance of Vice President Kamala Harris’ role in his announcement, with the interviewer asking, “What are you trying to tell us?”

After assuming office at the age of 78, several conservative commentators speculated that Joe Biden may not complete his four-year term as president. Furthermore, the fact that the administration is often referred to as Biden-Harris, rather than solely emphasizing the role of the President, fueled rumors that the frequently-confused president may be planning his exit from office.

Recently, even mainstream media has begun to express skepticism regarding the 80-year-old President residing at the White House. During a one-on-one interview on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” last Friday, Stephanie Ruhle questioned Joe Biden about the extensive inclusion of Vice President Kamala Harris in his reelection campaign announcement.

Ruhle asked the president, “In your first video, you feature Vice President Harris 10 times. When Obama was in that position, he didn’t mention you, sir. What are you trying to tell us?”

Biden replied, “We just had a slightly different style of how we do things. Look, I just think that Vice President Harris hasn’t gotten the credit she deserves. She was an attorney general of the state of California. She has been a United States senator, she is really very, very good. And with everything going on, she hasn’t gotten the attention she deserves.”

Ruhle continued, “Critics would say you’re elevating her because they think you wouldn’t serve a full term, and it is fair to say that there’s not a Fortune 500 company in the world looking to hire a CEO in his 80s. So why would an 82-year-old Joe Biden be the right person for the most important job in the world?”

“Because I have acquired a hell of a lot of wisdom and know more than the vast majority of people,” replied Biden.

During the same interview, Joe Biden asserted that his approval ratings were low due to negative media coverage, as he believed that the press relied on negative news to retain viewership.

Biden said, “All they’ve heard is negative news for three years,” speaking about the American public. “Everything is negative. I’m not being critical of the press, but you turn on the television — the only way you’re gonna get a hit is if there’s something negative, you know. You don’t — anyway, that’s number one.”