MSNBC Guest Claims Joe Biden Was A War Hero

Dr. Jason Johnson, Morgan State University journalism instructor and MSNBC contributor, joined Nicole Wallace on “Deadline: White House” where he called President Joe Biden a “war hero.”

Joe Biden, prior to becoming Commander-in-chief of the American military and president, was one of 16 presidents in American history who has actually never served in the military in his life.

How could Biden, who never served in any branch of the military, be considered a war hero? The answer is with a very broad definition of the phrase “war hero.”

Johnson was recounting a story told by Biden, about himself, that describes the reason he ran for president in 2020. The story is:

“‘I had no intention of running for President.’ He was…the retired war hero out in the mountains chopping wood. And Charlottesville brought him back into the fight that he thought he’d never have to fight again. And I found that to be charming and engaging. And I’ve always thought that Joe Biden is a good moral leader when it comes to these issues,” recounted Johnson.

The imagery is more like a screenplay than history. It conjures images of Biden being content to ride off into the sunset of a long and largely ambiguous career until he hears the one thing from Donald Trump that angered him so much he could no longer turn his back on the country he loved.

In truth, Biden received five draft deferments for asthma…after starring for his high school’s football team while still suffering from that same asthma diagnosis.

Biden has said, “Charlottesville changed everything” referring to an incident where Biden and much of the liberal media condemned Trump for making a “racist statement” in favor of white supremacists.

The problem is that Trump did not support the group and many believe that Biden was ready to run as soon as he got word from democratic leadership that he would be their candidate.

With Trump reeling from the pandemic and polls showing him to be a somewhat polarizing figure, it is more likely that democrats needed the least controversial candidate available, and after 36 years in the senate, Biden qualified for exactly that.