More People Are Catching Onto Black Lives Matter’s Con

Since its inception, Black Lives Matter has repeatedly branded itself as an organization fighting for social justice and minority rights. However, this narrative was rapidly dismantled by various antics of Black Lives Matter and its leaders.

Years ago, the organization came under fire for advocating in favor of the nuclear family’s destruction. After criticism of this gained traction, Black Lives Matter removed all mention of nuclear family erasure from its website.

In the years since, various architects of Black Lives Matter were caught using donations to purchase fancy mansions and pad their own personal bank accounts. To this day, the organization has yet to account for how its funds have been used to defend social justice or minority rights in any capacity.

As Black Lives Matter continues being called out, television personality Sharon Osbourne recently announced she wants a refund on the $900,000 she’s donated to the organization.

A Full Review of Osbourne’s Statements
Osbourne’s comments about Black Lives Matter came up when she was asked by a TMZ reporter about rap star Kanye West donning White Lives Matter attire.

The television personality stated she doesn’t understand the controversy surrounding this. After stating the lives of “everyone” matter, Osbourne said the debates about which lives matter isn’t part of her culture at all.

Afterward, TMZ followed up with a question about whether she believes Black Lives Matter is a scam. To this end, Osbourne stated she does view the organization as a scam and therefore wants her money back.

The television personality then explained she wishes West would have called out Black Lives Matter as a scam a long time ago.

More Problems Facing Black Lives Matter
Just last month, Black Lives Matter executive Shalomyah Bowers was accused of funneling $10 million in organization donations into accounts he could personally access.

Further suspicions against Bowers arose amid news that he failed to provide mandatory disclosures regarding Black Lives Matter’s financial information.

Thus far, Bowers’ public defense against these accusations involves blaming “right-wing media” and stating legal action against him stems from “white oppressors” and “white supremacy.”

Thus far, there’s no indication that Sharon Osbourne or anyone else who’s donated to Black Lives Matter will be getting their money back.