Mike Lee Wins Reelection As Utah Senator

In Utah, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) ran a fierce campaign to keep representing the state in Congress. Challenging Lee was Evan McMullin, a self-proclaimed Independent.

Despite McMullin billing himself as an Independent with bipartisan support, there were many aspects of his campaign that gave voters pause. For one thing, McMullin was heavily backed by the Democrat Party. In another telltale sign, McMullin also used left-wing venues in order to raise money for his campaign.

Lee, on the other hand, won the support of most conservatives. This matters big time, seeing as Utah is a reliably red state. As many expected, Tuesday’s election results worked in Lee’s victory.

A Win For Lee’s Campaign
The Utah senator’s success ensures that he will serve another six-year term in Congress. Lee prevailed over McMullin, despite the latter repeatedly spreading lies and conspiracy theories about him.

When Lee debated McMullin, the self-proclaimed Independent repeatedly tried to bill Lee as radical and out of touch. Voters in Utah were able to see through it and determined that Lee’s values are most aligned with their own.

In a statement following his victory, Lee thanked all the people of Utah who came out and voted for him. In doing so, the GOP senator likewise confirmed that he will continue working for the people of Utah and making sure their voices are heard.

Conservatives across the United States also poured in their congratulations and well wishes to Lee.

McMullin Concedes
As McMullin failed to win his election, many eyes were on him. Americans were eager to see if McMullin would accept the results of this race.

Taking to social media, the defeated candidate announced that he called Lee to concede and congratulate him on securing a third term in the Senate. Furthermore, McMullin expressed his “true hope” that Lee remains faithful to the Constitution.

The “Independent” then wrapped up his remarks on social media by thanking the Utah voters who did support his campaign. McMullin, like other defeated candidates who ran against Republicans, then expressed that “the fight” remains ongoing.

Lee’s victory over McMullin comes amid hard work by conservatives to take back the Senate.