Middle School Teacher Goes On Marxist Rant, Urges War On Capitalism

In a TikTok video, a Maryland middle school teacher went on a Marxist rant while bragging about “indoctrinating” her students, advocating for a war against capitalism and asserting that “revolutions involve violence.”

Rebeca F. Rothstein, who teaches at North Bethesda Middle School in Maryland, has described herself as “proud as f— to be liberal.”

Soon after Fox News reached out to her for comment about her remarks, Rothstein’s TikTok account with more than 220,000 followers vanished on Monday.

The radical leftist teacher has previously expressed her devout belief that teachers should use their classroom to turn impressionable young students into so-called anti-racist activists while skipping the teaching of math and science.

“As a teacher I wish we could do more with our students like teach anti-racism and how to be kind people. Does anyone else feel like… we can skip the math, skip the science, like we’ll do that next year. Maybe this year we focus on teaching our youth how to be anti-racist,” Rothstein suggested in a TikTok post.

She has also bragged about providing students with “Marxist literature,” repeatedly made comments such as “F— capitalism” and expressed that she was “tired after a long day of indoctrinating students.”

“I had to un-brainwash myself from capitalism in order to fall in love with socialism and communism,” the deranged leftist said. “If everyone had the same amount of money, then money wouldn’t be worth anything.”

“Capitalism must go,” Rothstein also argued, while asserting that “revolutions involve violence.”

The school has refused to comment on Rothstein’s Marxism or her desire for a violent revolution.

However, this is not the first time that the middle school teacher advocated for violence, as she previously went on an unhinged rant in favor of the violent Black Lives Matter riots.

“There are so many a—holes in my comments saying, ‘What about all the burning of the buildings, and the looting and the rioting?’” she wrote, asking: “Why do you care more about buildings than human lives? It’s like you’re stomping around, being like, ‘All buildings matter.’ No, no, they don’t. And the fact that you don’t understand where the rage is coming from, why there is so much rage of burning buildings, that’s the exact problem.”

“I am f—ing angry, and it’s weird as f— that you’re not. When I’m talking about the patriarchy or racism or police brutality, why the f— would you not be angry?” Rothstein demanded.

She went on to rage about getting the inherent responsibility brought on by getting pregnant, arguing that “boys should get vasectomies at birth, or when it is safe to do so… Why is preventing pregnancy just on the woman?”

Rothstein is also proudly anti-Israel, claiming that being “silent on Palestine” is “rooted in white supremacy.”

She has ranted about so-called “White privilege” on numerous occasions, once claiming that “all White people experience White privilege” and thus they cannot be oppressed.

“Racism is a White person’s problem. It is White people who are racist. It is not the job of people of color to teach us how we are being racist. We have to be responsible for our own selves and do better,” Rothstein asserted.

“I’m proud of my ability to recognize White privilege,” she reportedly said. “White privilege is not about work ethic. White privilege is about the color of your skin.”

While Rothstein’s TikTok account has since been deleted and thus her videos are no longer accessible, she is not the only educator to brag openly about trying to push Marxism on children. One teacher was even caught on a hidden camera from Project Veritas boasting about his actions last year.