Microsoft’s Woke Cybersecurity Podcast May Be a National Security Risk

In my arrogant but not wrong opinion, Microsoft’s Security Unlocked Podcast is contributing to the dumbing down of America in a way that, if not appropriately addressed and remedied, will lead to our nation’s downfall and leave our national security apparatus derelict in its ability to keep Americans safe from threats to our Constitution, foreign and domestic. 

In a podcast segment published Thursday, the Security Unlocked hosts introduced themselves by race, gender, and hairstyle:

“I’m a Caucasian woman with long blonde hair, and I go by ‘She/Her,’ I’m a product.”

Let me stop you right there, Rapunzel. I bet you’re going to say, “I’m a product of tax dollar-tenured, Marxist professors who indoctrinated an entire generation of Americans to be idiots.” 

“I’m a product marketing lead at Microsoft and co-host of the podcast security unlocked with this guy,” she/her said, gesturing to get co-host.

So you got brainwashed to think in a way opposed to the principles America was founded on that made Microsoft possible, and now you’re working at Microsoft. Just great, what could go wrong? 

She/her’s co-host introduced? Next, saying, “I’m a Caucasian man with glasses and a beard. I go by ‘He/Him,’”

For a brief while, I was concerned about pronouns.

“And I’m a security evangelist here at Microsoft.”

We start all introductions as if they were a response to a census questionnaire from some über woke dystopia like Canada. Because no one here had the sense to walk out of the university, except for, you know, the guy that started Microsoft, that is what I think he meant to say next, as well as that they’re excited you’re listening to their programmatic dumbing down of America into a swarm of racist “anti-racist” NPCs.

In the unnatural, artificial environs of the university, where the minds of this rising generation of Americans was indulged by a parasitic class of Marxist reactionaries bent on the dismantling of the American dream, the Ze/Zer/Xims of the world were led to believe it’s all fun and games out there, that it doesn’t matter if you try or not, that your society doesn’t need your efforts and that they will not be credited to you as a reward. Marxism is the corruption of the human spirit by an affluent form of nihilism.

Back when Americans were fighting two world wars and then the Cold War, we knew that there was no time for foolishness but that an entire planet urgently needed our efforts and that if we didn’t achieve the most formidable mastery over ourselves and nature beyond anything, we even believed it was possible before it was necessary, that there would be hell to pay. In other words, we needed to learn and apply basic math, language, and engineering skills to the fatal problems of human nature writ large in the confrontations of 20th-century world powers. Our grandparents could not dare to be stupid the way we have been misled to believe we can.

The woke reactionaries militant infantilization of themselves and other grown adults in this society is their sabotage of self and society. An ultra-high market cap, a high-tech corporation that produces computer software and hardware, publishing a podcast that dumbs its listeners down so aggressively, is a symptom of a society-wide mental disease, one that will leave us empty of brains to outsmart the Constitution’s enemies. We cannot afford to get outsmarted by them.