Michigan AG: ‘A Drag Queen For Every School’

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel told a civil rights conference Wednesday that there should be “a drag queen for every school.” Her startling remark came as she railed against “fake issues” that are dividing people.

She sure has a strange way of bringing people together.

The first openly gay person to hold statewide office in Michigan, Nessel spoke in Lansing about schools and libraries welcoming drag queens for reading and even dancing programs. This, in her mind, is not a real issue and furthermore, drag queens “are fun” and “make everything better.”

Chiding conservatives whose primary goal in life seems to be protecting their children, Nessel said that drag queens are “not a problem” for children’s education. They are “entertainment.”

She even advocated drag queens to lift up children having “emotional issues.”

In a moment of self-reflection, the attorney general later tweeted that her “drag queen for every school” remark had not been run by pollsters.

She complained about government officials who create “wedge issues” to divide the electorate. When Democrats oppose a stand taken by conservatives, that stand is now a wedge issue. In the same vein that any issue the left disagrees with or leader they don’t like is “controversial.”

On the heels, so to speak, of drag queens performing for captive child audiences in schools, what is next? Common Core is taking years to get away from, and parents are labeled terrorists for opposing Critical Race Theory that is nothing more than racial indoctrination. Now this?

A GOP member of the Texas House said he will introduce legislation to outlaw drag shows in the presence of minors. Rep. Bryan Slaton responded to a recent Dallas event that went virtual called “Drag Your Kids to Pride.”

Elementary school-aged kids danced with drag queens onstage under a pink neon sign with a vulgar message. Some children handed cash to performers who wore thongs.

After the same event, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis threatened parents who take children to such events with an investigation from child protective services.

Until extremely recently, these outlandish views would be laughed out of just about any room. Now, though, it is obvious why the traditional Chinese curse states, “May you live in interesting times.” These are interesting times.