Miami Is Pushing For Gun Control, But With A Twist

Gun buyback programs are one of the favorite tools of the gun control movement. Politicians in favor of this claim it’s a great way of getting guns off the streets and incentivizing people to turn in their weapons willingly.

Of course, these buybacks largely lead to the disarming of law-abiding citizens, who also get pennies on the dollar compared to what they spent on their guns.

In recent years, Democrats, such as Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, have been supporting mandatory programs where people are forced to turn in their firearms.

In Miami, Florida, the city will soon hold a voluntary gun buyback initiative. Although their plans for the firearms following acquisition are what’s generating the most buzz.

Arming Ukraine at the Expense of Americans?
In Miami, people who turn in their guns on Saturday morning to early afternoon can receive gift cards worth between $50 to $150. The specific dollar amount will depend on the caliber of the weapon that’s ultimately handed over.

However, the most bizarre aspect of this is an announcement released by the city of Miami itself. As it turns out, the weapons collected from Miami residents are going to be shipped over to Ukraine to aid those fighters in warding off Russian invaders.

Miami is informing those who hand over their weapons that no questions will be asked of them and they’ll even have the “benefit” of helping Ukrainian soldiers.

Believe it or not, this isn’t Miami’s first rodeo. Just back in June, the city held a gun buyback program where weapons turned in were sent for Ukraine to arm its Irpin police force.

Bleeding American Citizens Dry
Miami’s decision to take American guns over to Ukraine arrives as the federal government just announced that $3 billion in American taxpayer dollars will also be sent to the war-torn nation.

This comes despite everyday US citizens struggling to afford rent, groceries, and other vital living expenses.

There’s no telling when the government will decide it’s sent over enough resources to Ukraine. Weeks ago when Biden was asked about this, he claimed spending will continue so long as Ukraine is fighting against Russia.

With Miami now taking similar action, it remains to be seen whether more communities across the nation will put Americans last in favor of Ukraine.