Mayor Bill De Blasio Makes One More Bonehead Move To Make Sure Parents Have ‘No Voice’ In Their Children’s Education

More Americans’ constitutional rights are being taken away as soon-to-be-former Mayor Bill de Blasio suggests that parents should be silenced and removed when they disagree with education standards. There’s no way the courts will go along with this one, and they should have already stepped in.

Chancellor’s Regulation D-210 is a proposal that would take away parents’ rights to disagree with the Department of Education and give the authority to “discipline and remove” parents who are elected to the Community Education Councils (CEC). Parents would be removed from their position if they criticized the school district. What’s the problem? Their job is to hold them accountable and provide oversight.

The New York Post reports, “Chancellor’s Regulation D-210 would circumvent the democratic process by granting the DOE broad authority to silence parents. It uses ambiguous language to determine “conduct violations” and, more troublingly, creates yet another administration position to monitor parents: the equity-compliance office.”

So, not only does it silence parents, but it also places someone in charge of ensuring parents are silenced? That’s dictator material.

According to the New York Post, this “bureaucrat would be tasked with deciding who to target for removal for violating the newly expanded ‘code of conduct.’”

One man should never be in charge. The US was created to ensure that a separation of powers was put in place because it’s essential. One man or woman, inevitably biased, should never be solely in charge of anything, much less in control of elected leaders. And this position is to determine who to target? Democrats may love this for the time being, but they need to be very careful if they think it will last. If a Republican is elected, this could be very bad for them.

The proposal allows for the dismissal of someone if their actions or speech are “contrary to the best interests of the New York City school district.”

That’s terrifying. Take your kids out of New York City public schools if this proposal passes. It’s one thing to want violence to end, and there’s law enforcement for that, but this is speech and speech that someone else doesn’t agree with.

The proposal also prohibits council members from using “frequent verbal abuse and unnecessary aggressive speech.” The first amendment is 100% contrary to this.

The proposal creates a hierarchy for elected members of the CEC. For example, according to The New York Post, “the regulation ominously states that in the event of a disagreement between the Equity Compliance Officer and the Equity Council, the recommendation of the Equity Compliance Officer shall govern.”

The governance of one shall never govern the many.