Maxine Waters is Under Fire for Confrontation with Homeless

California has a serious problem with homelessness. On multiple occasions, the state has gone viral for various homeless encampments littering streets, beaches and other open spaces.

For years, California’s issue with homelessness has been an issue without a solution. Unfortunately, the state’s high taxes and high cost of living has made it virtually unaffordable for any middle-class American to comfortably live there.

There are many California Democrats in positions of power to fix the homelessness crisis. Although, this hasn’t happened, and frankly doesn’t seem like it ever will.

Nevertheless, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is going viral for a recent negative altercation she had with some homeless individuals in Los Angeles, as reported by The Blaze.

Trouble on the Streets of Los Angeles

On social media, word was put out that homeless individuals would be able to get vouchers for permanent Section 8 housing. The problem, however, is that this claim turned out to be false.

Still, the situation resulted in many homeless people showing up at Fathers and Mothers Who Care, a Los Angeles-based non-profit. When it became clear that the promised housing vouchers were not available, many homeless people expressed disappointment and frustration.

Rep. Waters was present when all of this transpired and became quickly agitated. She lashed out, demanding the homeless “go home.”

One homeless woman shot back at Waters, stating that she and others didn’t have a home to go to; that’s exactly why they had shown up for the housing vouchers.

Rather than defusing the situation, Waters just upped the ante even further. She stated that she “didn’t want to hear” what the homeless people in her community had to say. The lawmaker also claimed that no one else in Congress works harder for their constituents than her.

In later remarks to the media, some homeless people of Los Angeles said they felt let down by Waters.

An Inside Scoop from the Los Angeles Times

In the wake of this incident, the Los Angeles Times naturally reached out to Rep. Waters, hoping to get her version of the story.

Interestingly enough, the paper says that Waters dismissed the confrontation she had with homeless people as “rumors.” Later, the congresswoman even asked the Los Angeles Times not to release the story of what happened.