Massachusetts State Troopers Punished For Refusing COVID-19 Vaccines

Last year, America witnessed the rolling out of various COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Many workers across were forced to choose between keeping their jobs or getting a vaccine that countless folks have expressed reservations about.

A key point of controversy surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine is its inability to stop recipients from getting sick with the virus and passing their infections onto others. Furthermore, many of America’s frontline workers have natural immunity to COVID-19, due to coming into contact with it in 2020.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t matter to certain officials. In the case of Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R), he’s allowing state troopers to lose their jobs and their Second Amendment rights if they don’t take COVID-19 vaccines.

Horrible News For Massachusetts State Troopers
Earlier in 2022, 13 state troopers in Massachusetts lost their jobs due to failure to take COVID-19 vaccines. With this job loss came the suspension of these state troopers’ Licenses to Carry Firearms.

The colonel of the Massachusetts State Police informed the fired troopers that they’ll now be prohibited from possessing firearms, ammunition, and “feeding devices.” Now, former state troopers who are found to be in possession of these materials anyway will be subject to criminal charges.

Multiple reports out of Massachusetts note that every single state trooper to lose their job tried to receive an exemption from the vaccine mandate. However, as is common in these types of situations, these exemption requests were promptly denied by those in power.

Second Amendment supporters and other law enforcement groups have expressed outrage at how these workers are being treated by Massachusetts. Interestingly enough, Gov. Baker is not running for another term after putting through this COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

More Harm Than Good
Americans have been consistently warning that COVID-19 vaccine mandates do more harm than good. It’s also been pointed out that firing good workers who don’t want to take these shots will backfire on the communities involved.

This is visible not just in Massachusetts, but also in places like New York City. The community’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate led to many police officers losing their jobs. Meanwhile, crime rates continue to rise in this city and nationwide.

Most recently, the Biden administration has been facing calls to roll back the vaccine mandate put in place for non-US citizens entering the United States.