Marco Rubio Labeled ‘Transphobic’ For Stating ‘Every Human Being That’s Ever Been Born Was Born Of A Biological Woman’

Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.) was speaking at the National Conservatism Conference (NCC) when he said, “every single human being that’s ever been born was born of a biological woman,” and now he is being labeled as transphobic by some on the left.

It was just one month ago that Rubio brought to the floor to clarify that, “for the purposes of maternal and infant-related program resources, that only women can be pregnant.”

The amendment had to do with the “Inflation Reduction Act” that democrats passed down party lines and that many republicans believe will not affect inflation at all. Some of the programs in the bill are maternal and infant-related so he found it necessary in light of today’s “gender fluidity” to ensure that only actual pregnant women would have access to the aid.

Democrats strongly objected to even voting on the amendment, taking more time to talk about how much of a waste of time the amendment was than they would have if they had simply voted on it.

Rubio made the case that for 5,500 years, at least to his knowledge, every person ever born was born as the result of a biological woman being pregnant.

At one point Rubio blasted “health experts” who choose to use the phrase “pregnant people” so as not to offend. He said, “And yet we have, not just commentators, not just professors, we have the Centers for Disease Control, we have the most prominent public health agency in America, who insists on using the term pregnant people.”

A liberal media outlet, The Recount, condemned Rubio’s words. The organization tweeted that Rubio was incorrect in saying that a man has never been pregnant and even hinted at the idea that saying “pregnant women” instead of “pregnant people” could actually swing the Florida Senate race in Democratic candidate Val Demings’ favor.

Polls show that Rubio is leading by between a 2-point and 6-point margin, and his lead is probably slightly larger than that based on how many registered Republicans are in the state of Florida now. Even if it was closer, it would be hard to assume that using the phrase “pregnant people” would push him over the top.