Manhattan DA Fears Former Prosecutor Could Jeopardize Investigation Against Trump

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is concerned that the investigation into former President Donald Trump could be jeopardized by a new book.

According to the Daily Wire, Bragg’s office believes the book —“People v. Donald Trump: An Inside Account,” by Mark Pomerantz — poses “meaningful risks” that its publication could prejudice the ongoing criminal investigation into Trump and his business empire.

Leslie Dubeck, the general counsel for Bragg’s office, sent a letter to the book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, claiming the district attorney’s interest is to protect the investigation’s integrity.

“Based on the pre-publication descriptions of his book and the benefit of current knowledge of the matter, but without access to the manuscript, this office believes there is a meaningful risk that the publication will materially prejudice ongoing criminal investigations and related adjudicative proceedings,” Dubeck wrote in the letter.

Dubeck noted in his letter that the DA’s office must give Pomerantz written permission before he can disclose the details of the investigation. Dubeck told the publishers that the DA’s office is available to review the book’s manuscript within a 60-day period.

The letter, which was also addressed to Pomerantz, warned the former prosecutor not to “take any further steps that damage an ongoing criminal investigation.”

Pomerantz, who joined the investigation in 2021, released a statement saying he is confident that all his actions with respect to the Trump investigation are consistent with his “legal and ethical obligations.”

Pomerantz served as the special council assistant district attorney until February 2022, when he quit. Pomerantz left his role at the DA’s office over disagreements with Bragg on how to proceed with the investigation.


The book’s publisher also backed Pomerantz and gave a statement in response to Dubeck’s letter.

“We stand behind Mark Pomerantz and his book, ‘People vs. Donald Trump,’ and look forward to sharing this important and timely work with readers when it is published on February 7,” a spokesperson for the publisher said in a statement.

Pomerantz’s book, which promises to expose readers to a “fascinating inside account” of the investigation into Trump, is set to be released on February 7.