Manchin SAVES Democrats And America From ‘Build Back Better’ Bill

Joe Manchin saved the country from another jarring test of its financial system and economy by Democrats in Congress, led by Biden in the White House. The hailing from the great state of West Virginia, “said he’s a no on the Build Back Better Act, effectively ending negotiations on this version of legislation that would expand the nation’s social safety net,” CNN’s Daniella Diaz reported Sunday.

On Fox News Sunday, Manchin told Bret Baier, “And I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. I just can’t. I’ve tried everything humanly possible. I can’t get there. It is a no on this legislation. I have tried everything I know to do.”

Democrats in Washington and their allies in the corporate media and among rank and file party members, hoping to pass the Build Back Better bill, said it would improve infrastructure while stimulating the economy and increasing benefits in the nation’s public social safety net.

But soaring inflation that most experts, even many on the Democrats’ side, say is here to stay for some time and the Biden Administration pretending like they don’t see it, is what has people worried that the White House, Congress, and the Fed have pushed the financial system far enough. It’s better to take a, let’s say, more conservative approach, or if you’re allergic to that, a risk-off approach, a wait-and-see approach, a stop flooring the gas pedal toward the cliff of the government’s collapsing credibility approach.

Why not lay low for a while, see how everything else you’ve done washes out. You know it takes the entire planet some time to digest these kinds of shocking monetary adjustments?

The note from CNN recaps, “Manchin has long been a significant skeptic of the measure, expressing concerns about specific parts of the enormous tax and spending bill and how they may worsen the country’s spiraling inflation.”

In a statement shortly after the Fox segment, Manchin wrote, “My Democratic colleagues in Washington are determined to dramatically reshape our society in a way that leaves our country even more vulnerable to the threats we face.”

Suppose this bill or some future version of it passes. In that case, your rent will go up, your heating bill, your grocery bill, your gas bill. The only things that will see their price go down are being unable to take care of yourself without government aid from Washington, borrowing money, and running up your debt. They’re trying to reel you in, and Manchin wasn’t going to let them do that to you. Against overwhelming pressure, he fought for you.

And who knows how many seats in Congress he may have kept from flipping red next year? Democrats are fortunate they have a leader like Joe Manchin that they can rely on.