Mainstream Media “Back In The Limelight” Amid Biden’s Crumbling Presidency

Since the progression of Joe Biden’s presidency, the mainstream media has grown increasingly more critical of him. The traditionally pro-leftist media suddenly calls out things like inflation, higher prices, the 46th President’s low poll numbers, and more.

In the eyes of many Americans, the fact that networks like CNN and MSNBC have stopped rushing to the President’s demise speaks to just how far he’s fallen. Biden also took heat from the mainstream media when it declared our country’s 2022 midterms would be illegitimate without Democrats passing their “voting rights” bills.

However, there was a time when the media went all in for Biden, doing everything possible to prop him up. During the 2020 presidential election, networks like MSNBC, CNN, etc., made it more than plain that they wanted Trump out of office.

As noted by Fox News, the mainstream media is now being called out for their role in helping Biden ascend to power.

Fox News commentator Mark Levin has spoken about how the media contributed to Biden getting in office. As noted by Levin, the press knew that Biden ultimately wasn’t up for the job. Yet, this didn’t stop them from putting out one piece of pro-Biden coverage after the next in 2020.

Levin additionally held the mainstream media’s feet to the fire for not fairly reporting on Biden’s complete lack of qualifications to deal with foreign policy matters.

This lack of qualifications is having international effects now. Biden completely bungled the US troops’ removal from Afghanistan in 2020. He’s also making various miscalculations regarding the Russia/Ukraine tensions.

Levin ultimately argued that due to the mainstream media’s dereliction of duty regarding coverage of Biden in 2020, Americans are now dealing with the fallout.

A new poll came out recently showing that more than five in ten Americans do not want Joe Biden to run for a second term. Meanwhile, Biden has made it clear that he intends to go for another stint as President once he’s up for re-election.

After all the mayhem that ensues from having this person in the office, Americans can only hope the media has learned its lesson. If the press accurately covers the 2024 presidential election, along with the disasters of Biden’s presidency, he shouldn’t get a second term in office.

At this point, if the horrors of the Biden Administration haven’t woken up the mainstream media, then nothing will.