Maine Education Officials Promote ‘Confidential’ Overnight Transgender Camp For 6-Year-Olds

The Maine Department of Education promotes an organization that hosts overnight camps in a “confidential location” for six-year-old students who allegedly identify as transgender, according to a report by Breitbart News.

The department’s website includes an “LGBTQ+ Student Resources” location that actively promotes several groups and programs. One organization distributes “breast binders” to children and hosts the overnight confidential camp. Another group hosts a secretive online chat location for children who claim to identify as transgender.

One sponsored group is the Trans Youth Equality Foundation (TYEF), which is the organization that distributes breast binders. Those devices are designed to flatten out a minor female’s chest during puberty to make her appear masculine. It also hosts the overnight camps.

TYEF solicits donations for breast binders to be given to “youth 18 Y/O and under,” without setting a minimum age. It also calls on teachers to “be vocal and visible about your support for trans youth,” and to put up classroom posters that encourage the inclusion of trans ideology.

TYEF advertises that its overnight “retreats are held in a confidential location in New England” and are for ages six through 17. The overnight retreats are for “transgender and non-binary youth.” The group also manages a “support group” that meets online via Zoom and welcomes children ages six to nine if they identify as transgender.

The state Department of Education also promotes “MaineTrans,” a website that also hosts an online chat site for children age 13 and up who say they are transgender. The chat server is moderated and managed by adults who act as facilitators of the discussions. In order to keep activities on the site secret, children are shown a button on the website that instantly changes the screen displayed to

The state has also hosted lessons on transgenderism and the LGBT movement designed for children in kindergarten.

Kindergarten teachers are also provided resources and training materials about the meaning of “LGBT.” Educators are trained to tell kindergarten students that a baby’s gender is decided on by a doctor, who is sometimes wrong.

The transgenderism and LGBT agendas are promoted by the Maine state government alongside critical race theory. An instructional video produced by the Maine Department of Education for students teaches that “MAGA” is a form of secretive racism and white supremacy.