Maine Dad Fights Back After School Sues Him For Exposing ‘Hypersexual Materials’

When a concerned father attempted to address the fact that his children’s school district included sexually explicit books in its libraries, the school board decided to ban him from the property and even attempted to sue him for criminal trespass. In response, Shawn McBreairty is now planning to file a lawsuit of his own.

According to a motion his lawyers recently filed in court, the “frivolous lawsuit” claiming that he had harassed school officials should be immediately tossed out.

The ongoing legal battle stemmed from a school board meeting earlier this year during which the father presented a recorded conversation he had with the board’s chairman and, according to the district, used “vulgarity and obscenity” to describe the content of the objectionable books. According to the board, attendees are prohibited from playing any recordings during such meetings.

In the recording, a man identified as the school board chairman attempted to explain away the sexually explicit passages by asserting that “it woud have a different meaning” if considered in proper context.

Attorney Marc Randazza cited the U.S. Constitution as all the protection McBreairty needed to “publicly criticize and petition our government, whether the government is embodied by the President of the United States, or a school district.”

As for the district’s reaction to the father’s criticism, Randazza declared that it “should concern any American who thinks government should be accountable to the people and that the government should not be able to meet criticism with censorship.”

McBreairty took to social media to share images and excerpts from the books, leading many other parents to express their shock over the contents. He also included photos of posters and materials on display at a local school, including one that taught students that there are at least 63 different genders.

In an interview with the Washington Free Beacon, he dismissed allegations that he is “anti-LGBTQ,” explaining that he simply believes it is “nonsense” for a school to use “our tax dollars to indoctrinate kids with hypersexual materials.”

Furthermore, he expressed outrage that such lessons are being presented “without parental permission,” reiterating: “Don’t try to force that stuff on me or my daughters with my tax dollars.”