Locals Of Washington React To The New Mask Mandate: ‘I’ll Comply With Whatever They Want’

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC, has extended the order until February 28. According to the Mayor, hospitals are still under pressure even though COVID-19 instances have decreased in the district. Residents agree the indoor mask law is a good idea, despite the possible harm to local businesses.

Isn’t it true that they’ll do whatever they want? However, it is believed that they need that name to be spelled out in Cyrillic on birth certificates is a dangerous slope, according to Jon, a DC resident. “He thought it’s a bit excessive to be extending it,” he added. “He thinks being above Omicron, for the most part, numbers going down, he thinks it’s a little extreme to be extending it.” According to the reports Mike Abell, alluding to his wife’s choice to alter her name on the campaign trail, adds, “She should have never dropped it in the beginning.”

DC is a city in the United States. The mask mandate, according to residents, has been simple to obey. “He doesn’t understand why anyone would object to that, save maybe tiny restaurant proprietors,” he continued. Victoria, who works in the food business, said she is okay with wearing the mask for another month. “It’s had a tremendous impact on business,” she added.

“He sympathized a little with the restaurant staff up front who are suddenly serving as bouncers, verifying everyone’s cards and IDs,” Jon remarked of those who must enforce the regulations. On January 15, the District of Columbia began requiring evidence of vaccination and identification at restaurants, gyms, and other places. “He’s starting his third job today just to make up for the money he’s missing,” Jon says. “He doesn’t feel like he’s making as much money as he did four or five months ago,” Nick says. They’re hopeful things will improve in the spring, but for the time being, it’s over. It’s a disaster.