Local Democrat Has A Critical Message For Her Party

With the new year’s arrival comes a stronger focus on the 2022 midterms that are coming up. Towards the end of last year, about two dozen Democrats in the House of Representatives announced they would not defend their seats this election cycle.

Meanwhile, three Democrats face elections in the Senate and have found themselves in very vulnerable positions. The dire situation for House and Senate Democrats comes on top of a 36% approval rating for Joe Biden, per a recent poll conducted last month.

Democrats are looking at some massive losses in the upcoming elections this November. However, one Democrat from New York State has a critical message that members of her party will want to hear, as reported by Fox News.

New York State Democrat Laura Curran spoke with Fox News over the weekend and shared some dire realities about the poor conditions of her party.

According to Curran, allowing Biden to lead the nation is tantamount to “elder abuse” and reveals the weakness in the Democrat Party.

Curran also made a point of noting that Democrats will face a “bloodbath” in the November congressional races because they put up a president who can barely speak coherently and makes people nervous whenever he opens his mouth.

Of course, the remarks from the New York State Democrats mirror what Republicans and conservatives have been saying since the inception of Bidens’ presidency. However, leftists have chosen not to listen, insisting that these were baseless right-wing talking points.

Later in her Fox News interview, Curran noted the importance of a two-party system. It came before she warned Democrats are granting the GOP all the necessary ammunition to retake full power because of the weakness coming from the left.

Finally, the New York State Democrat conceded that her party was not delivering for the American people.

Although Curran is making the same observations that Republicans made, it’s unlikely that members of her party will be very receptive to it. After all, Democrats don’t tend to react well when even party members warn about them going in the wrong direction.

Look no further than the attacks that leftists unleashed against Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin once he announced he wouldn’t support the pricey Build Back Better Act. Radicals and extremists have taken over the vast majority of today’s Democratic Party.

It is for this reason that Democrats will persist on their current path, lose the midterms, and then they’ll sit around asking themselves what happened.