Livestock Suppliers Have Just Issued a Scary Warning

For months on end, Americans have been forced to deal with various shortages in essential goods. Baby formula is only the tip of the iceberg. Feminine hygiene products and insulin have joined the growing list of supplies that are low on stock.

Months ago, Joe Biden informed the nation that shortages in food are not outside the realm of possibilities. Since then, there’s been an increase in various food plants succumbing to fires or otherwise being unable to operate as usual.

Some Americans are now questioning whether these plants are being intentionally sabotaged in order to create food shortages.

Unfortunately, suppliers of livestock have recently come out with some bad news that could worsen the shortages America already faces.

The Latest Warning From Livestock Suppliers
In a nutshell, leading suppliers like the National Food and Grain Association have been facing long-standing problems with accessing grain. This has been especially prominent amongst suppliers in Southwest America and California.

The National Food and Grain Association is also reporting that time needed to access transportation via trains is getting longer. With transportation running into backlogs, this only further feeds into supply problems.

However, the underlying culprit behind transportation issues boils down to a lack of labor. Ahead of COVID-19 and various government responses to the virus, workers who transported grain were about 25% short in numbers. Now, the number of staff on the beat has fallen even further since 2020.

A lack of grain will ripple out into the livestock industry, which will in turn impact what US consumers pay for food. This is especially bad news since food prices have already increased considerably, due to inflation.

Some US lawmakers are now sounding the alarm over transportation issues facing livestock suppliers. Yet, thus far, there’s been no comprehensive solution announced to get operations fully up and running again.

The White House’s Version of Events
Both the president and the aides within his administration maintain that Russian President Vladimir Putin is to blame for virtually all of America’s problems.

Biden has said the supply chain and various issues stemming from it are the faults of Putin. This White House also claimed Putin bears responsibility for inflation and high gas prices.

Many Americans aren’t buying it. Conservatives especially are calling on the president to take responsibility for how his policies led to or furthered problems in this country.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration is not changing its narrative on who’s to blame for shortages and other challenges facing America.