Lindsey Graham Has A Stroke On Twitter

Lindsey Graham has been a sitting United States Senator long enough to know the game he is playing. So, there is no other explanation for how he could have sent the following tweet other than that he was suffering from a neurological medical emergency.

First of all, let us discuss the wisdom of encouraging the assassination of a world leader who routinely poisons people he disagrees with. If all sides started targeting political leaders, Graham would not be on any kind of do not harm list after he said. Also, if you begin to encourage the killing of foreign leaders, you make your own President a target.

I am not a Joe Biden fan, but he is still the President. If something were to happen to him at the hands of another country or the encouragement of another country, it goes time. Full stop. The problem here is that Graham is not some keyboard jockey spouting off calls to cancel classes on Tolstoy. He is an officeholder with some sway. His words mean something.

It is easy to fan the flames of war when you will not be the one going to fight or that you know which bunker you will ride out the apocalypse in. Ordinary people, aka everybody else, must bear the consequences of our leader’s ineptitude. It is a constant of history that elites make the messes the rest of us must clean up. What is different in modern times is that with technology, off-handed remarks that never would have escaped a strategy are instantly beamed throughout the world for other leaders to see. That can have dire consequences.

On the other hand, Putin is not tweeting, but he is weirdly explaining his strategy to a host of would-be flight attendants.

Perhaps all of these people are indeed playing some 4D chess. However, it looks like our fates are intertwined with completely crazy people for the most part.