Let The Ones With ‘Virus Fears’ Mind Their Own Health And Business

Writing at The American Thinker, Sandra Friedemann has some questions “to frighten companies who terrorize their employees into getting jabbed.” She asks:

“If one, any, or all do work, why are Austria, Australia, Germany, and Ireland, with the majority of their populations already vaccinated, incarcerating unvaccinated people or reinstituting draconian lockdowns?”

They would say that because of the alleged nature of the threat posed by a coronavirus, it endangers the lives of hundreds of thousands or potentially millions of people. And that they support police state measures against “the unvaccinated” because the vaccines work. And maybe that the lockdowns are necessary extra precautions on top of the vaccines.

The proponents of coronavirus hysteria would say that the threat requires a serious response. Here are samples from the links of the measures being taken in these countries that so many have been programmed by news journalists and social media influencers to regard as appropriate.

From a week ago at NBC News: “Austria will become the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full Covid-19 lockdown this autumn to tackle a new wave of infections, and order its whole population to get vaccinated as of February, its government said on Friday.”

This week the Daily Wire reported: “Giving a COVID-19 update to the public, Australia’s Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner revealed that the army was helping to transfer positive COVID cases and contacts into quarantine camps.”

From Reuters a week ago: “Germany’s coronavirus situation is so grave that a lockdown, including people who have been vaccinated, cannot be ruled out, the health minister said on Friday, as Austria said it would go back into full lockdown from Monday.”

And from the Irish Mirror the next day: “As the surge in Covid-19 cases continues and more pressure mounts on the Irish healthcare system, government officials have refused to rule out the possibility of another lockdown.”

The question for supporters of this decade’s new medical police state is not so much: Why are these measures needed if vaccines work? Is coronavirus’s threat severe enough to require vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and a hysterical mentality blocking half the world from moving around and getting anywhere?

And if the threat were that severe, would people need to have their freedoms radically curtailed by the world’s governments for them to save themselves from it? Who other than a child needs anyone to force them to stand out of the way of a speeding car?

Lovers of reason and freedom say to both questions: No!