Legal Correspondent Says US Constitution is “Trash”

Elie Mystal, author and self-described “justice correspondent” who is also a legal correspondent for the progressive magazine The Nation, is taking every opportunity to call the U.S. Constitution “trash.”

Speaking of trash, Mystal is a regular on MSNBC as well as The View, where earlier this month he appeared to discuss his new book, “Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution.” In it he declares that there are “a lot of stupid things” in the document. One must-read chapter is titled “Bigotry is Illegal Even if You’ve Been Ordered to by Jesus.”

It is his assertion that the Constitution was written by rich white bigots and has been interpreted since mostly by white legislators. All, of course, to rip rights away from minorities, women, and the LGBTQ community. And as much as he denigrates the founders who wrote it that summer in Philadelphia, his stronger vitriol is reserved for those who venerate the document.

In Mystal’s words, it is “actually trash.” Supporters treat it as though it was “etched in stone by the finger of God” when it was the creation of “white slavers, white colonizers, and white abolitionists” who made deals with the others without input from women, people of color, or poor whites.

The “justice correspondent” does not stop there. He proceeds to rewrite the second amendment to not apply to self-defense or protection against a tyrannical government. Rather, his revisionist history claims it was added to guarantee Southern states could put down slave revolts.

After saying Republicans are hardly ever right about the law, he takes liberals to task for “rarely” pointing out that the Constitution is “trash.” His advice? We should, at the very least, interpret the Constitution through a modern lens so that it makes sense today.

And by that he means changing presidential elections to the popular vote, enacting term limits for Supreme Court justices, and removing state authority over “health care, elections, policing, and guns.”

As for current politics, Mystal criticized President Joe Biden for denouncing “defund the police” during his State of the Union address. He went on to slam the GOP for playing the “racism card” against Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson because “there is nothing on her record” to attack.

It has been said that free speech is essential because it helps us identify idiots. At least in this case, Elie Mystal’s First Amendment rights serve a purpose, if only to showcase what the Constitution protects us against.