Leftist Efforts To Pass The Buck On Inflation Are “Doomed To Fail”

At every turn, inflation is omnipresent in the lives of Americans. Every time people head to the grocery stores (assuming the shelves aren’t bare), they’re confronted with prices that are getting increasingly higher.

When Americans head to the gas station to put fuel in their vehicles, they’re paying more money for less fuel than they would have gotten one year ago.

Across the board, the price tags of living are soaring. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is trying to duck and dodge the inevitable political fallout from this.

As American Thinker points out, these left-wing attempts to pass the buck when it comes to inflation are doomed to backfire on both Biden and his shrinking number of supporters.

Inflation is a monster that Democrats created by ignoring warnings and passing several different spending bills into law. Right now, the latest data confirms the presence of a 7% jump in inflation since 2020. It is a level of inflation that hasn’t been seen over the past four decades.

Right now, inflation is a leading issue in the United States. No matter how many speeches Biden gives about infrastructure, the filibuster, or so-called “voting rights,” legislation, inflation, and other economic issues are on the minds of Americans.

Recent polling indicates that people in this country care more about inflation than COVID. Quite frankly, Democrats have just about played out the fearmongering card regarding the virus. However, Americans nationwide are getting tired of draining their wallets and bank accounts to stay alive.

The universal nature of inflation makes it impossible for Democrats to pass the buck. They can’t blame this on Trump or Republicans either. Trump is out of office. Republicans do not currently have a power monopoly in the federal government.

A red wave is coming in due to inflation and a series of other problems Democrats have created. Biden’s currently at a 33% approval rating. Americans have been able to see first-hand all the disasters that come about from leftist leaders running the show.

It’s plain as day that if Republicans do not get back in control of Congress, Democrats will keep pushing America further off the cliff of destruction.

As Democrats continue to come up with one excuse after the next regarding inflation and other matters, they’d do well to come up with what’s next in their lives once they’re voted out of office.