Lefties Refuse To Hold Biden Responsible While American Families Are Having A Hard Time To Make Ends Meet

The cost of gasoline is out of control. Liberals are blaming the price increase on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. On the other hand, facts are kryptonite to the bolshie friends and relatives. Checking the graph from gasbuddy.com that illustrates how much gas prices have risen since Biden assumed office. The oil industry could see the writing on the wall.

The gas price at the station on the day Trump left office was $2.29. On the day Putin attacked Ukraine, the price was $3.65. It was $4.49 last night. Biden’s initiatives have increased gas prices more than Putin’s conflict. Liberals are supporting Biden with a zeal not seen since Patty Hearst.

Moreover, Jen Psaki has blamed Putin for increasing petrol prices, so this isn’t surprising. Another falsehood from Biden is that there is nothing he can do about the rising cost of gasoline. Liberals don’t suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They’re only following directions like the lovely little helpful fools they proudly claim to be.

Left-wing zombies have pushed “green” alternatives such as windmills and electric automobiles for years. They spit-scream their displeasure at cow farts, coal and gas-powered automobiles. What people are witnessing right now is not an accident. The rising gas price is not an accident. It is “on design” by far-left zombies who despise gas and oil.

Furthermore, today, Joe Biden COULD launch the Keystone pipeline, saving Americans from eating cheap fast food to save money on petrol. The mere idea of resuming construction on the Keystone XL project would cause prices to fall. Unfortunately for Joe, Pelosi and Schumer, who were previously considered middle-of-the-road Democrats, the AOC pinko types now control the party and want their dinosaur Democrats buried.

Therefore Joe Biden has suggested taking his hat in hand and addressing Venezuela’s honey-pot country and Iran’s “death to America” militants. His true objective is to put oil-powered cars in the past and execute the “green new deal.” Until then, he’ll “educate them” how rancid oil is by making people pay through the nose for it.