Left-Wing ‘News’ Site Claims the Catholic Rosary is Now an ‘Extremist’ Symbol

On Monday, The Atlantic attempted to claim that the Catholic rosary is now an “extremist” symbol, citing a recent trend on social media accounts belonging to radical-traditional, or “rad-trad,” Catholics, in which rosaries are seen alongside images of firearms and messages urging men to join so-called religious militant groups.

Among the posts observed by the left-wing news outlet are “illustrations of his favorite Catholic saints, clergy, and influencers toting AR-15-style rifles labeled sanctum rosarium alongside violently homophobic screeds that are celebrated by social-media accounts with thousands of followers.”

“In mainstream Catholicism, the rosary-as-weapon is not an intrinsically harmful interpretation of the sacramental,” the Atlantic wrote, adding, however, that these social media posts act as a “diffusion of such messaging” which helps “to integrate ultraconservative Catholicism with other aspects of online far-right culture.”

The left-wing news outlet goes on to claim that “militia culture, a fetishism of Western civilization, and masculinist anxieties have become mainstays of the far right in the U.S. — and rad-trad Catholics have now taken up residence in this company.”

Many of these radical-traditional Catholic social media accounts supposedly feature memes depicting armed men wearing balaclavas as well as information regarding tactical training and some websites offering rosaries made of bullet cartridge casings.

Alongside that information, the Atlantic also noted that “Rad-trad networks are also involved in organizing rosary-branded events that involve weapons training.”

Conservatives have pushed back on the left-wing outlet’s obviously biased reporting on the issue.

The National Review released an article in response to the report, which was titled “The Atlantic: Rosaries Are Worse Than Firebombings.”

Fox News co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy responded to the article by noting that “Christianity and faith, in general, is under attack.

Catholic League President Bill Donohue appeared on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show” on Tuesday to discuss the article, arguing that it was just the latest move in the left’s “war on traditional moral values.”

“I can deal with people who make arguments that are critical of the Catholic Church, or evangelicals, orthodox Jews, those who share our values,” he noted. “But we’re not talking here about reasonable people. These people have gone off the reservation.”

“Now the rosary has become a symbol of violence and the like. It’s hard to even take them seriously,” Donohue continued. “But this is what we’re stuck with in our age of militant secularism.”

“What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to demonize,” he added. “The whole idea is to marginalize … traditional Catholics … then maybe you’ll shut out the others who are these so-called Christian nationalists who they’ve invented as somehow involved on Jan. 6.”

Donohue went on to call out the leadership of the Democratic Party, stating that they were responsible for facilitating the United States’ abandonment of traditional values, and referring to them as “morally debased” and “the enemy of freedom properly understood.”