Left Tries To Destroy Pregnant Woman’s Life Over Latest Race Hoax

A pregnant nurse has been placed on leave from her job and has had her address doxxed on social media after a viral out-of-context video appeared to show her trying to steal a rental bike from a young Black man. Now, evidence shows that the young man was actually the one stealing the bike from a pregnant woman.

The woman, who has been identified as Sarah Jane Comrie, was canceled on social media after a video taken by a group of young Black men showed her struggling to retain possession of a rental bike while one of the men claims that he rented it first and she was stealing it. While the men call her a racist, the pregnant woman can be seen crying. Eventually, she gives up and lets them take the bike, renting another one for herself.

The left immediately jumped to the defense of the Black men, claiming that the White woman was racist and a “Karen.” One such radical leftist was attorney Ben Crump, who shared the video on his Instagram account with a racist message.

“This is unacceptable! A white woman was caught on camera attempting to STEAL a Citi Bike from a young Black man in NYC. She grossly tried to weaponize her tears to paint this man as a threat. This is EXACTLY the type of behavior that has endangered so many Black men in the past!” Crump claimed in the post.

Comrie was placed on leave by New York City Health + Hospitals without any type of investigation or attempt to discover the facts of the incident, releasing a statement calling the video “disturbing.”

However, the New York Post has obtained evidence that Comrie was actually the victim in the altercation. On Thursday, the outlet reported that it had reviewed receipts provided by the nurse’s attorney that proved her version of the story.

Attorney Justin Marino released receipts showing that Comrie had paid to rent the Citi Bike twice just a few minutes apart. According to the attorney, Comrie — who is six months pregnant — had just left a 12-hour shift and paid for the bike to get home. She was immediately accosted by five individuals, including the man seen on the video claiming that he had paid for the bike.

Comrie stated that the man had forced her to dock the rental bike immediately, and the group then pressured her to pay for a different bike — which is proven by the receipts, according to Marino.

“The whole narrative that she stole the bike is patently wrong,” Marino told WCBS-TV.

“Do you think any pregnant woman in their right mind would jump on another young man’s bike, and like just scoot away, while they’re six months pregnant?” he added.

The attorney went on to note that the false claims of racism by Crump and others are “appalling.”