Latest Florida Education Reform Limits Tenure Abuses

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new educational reform into law last week that limits tenure at the state’s public universities. The new law follows measures in the last year that block schools from censoring political views, eliminate Critical Race Theory curricula, and prevent schools from instructing children through grade 3 in transgenderism and sexuality.

Tenure began in American education in 1940 when the American Association of University Professors led the movement to give professors guaranteed employment after a certain term in the name of academic integrity.

While tenure began during the period when the Nazi German government was purging professors who refused to comply with an official point-of-view, it has led in the years since the war to promote virtually every far-left concept that has been pushed through higher education.

Tenure is also the primary tool of unions used to protect teachers who are not capable of doing their jobs well enough to survive in a free marketplace.

The new Florida law makes it more difficult for faculty members at state schools to retain tenure. DeSantis has described the new law as another tool the state legislature has developed to prevent incompetent educators from injecting personal political agendas into their work.

During the signing ceremony press conference for the new bill, the governor criticized what he described as the “lifetime appointments” the tenure system had previously provided. He said that the state should make sure that public faculty members are accountable and do not have protections against ongoing evaluations of their job performance.

DeSantis described the new law as a method for ensuring state institutions are in line with the priorities of students and parents throughout Florida. Tenured faculty will now be required to appear every five years before their university’s board of trustees. Professors could be released from their duties in the event they do not meet the expectations of the board. Annual reviews of each instructor will also be part of their ongoing record.

The Florida legislature and Governor DeSantis have acted on behalf of students and families to remind public university employees who they work for. As the education establishment will surely complain about the latest education reform in Florida and all that follow, DeSantis will remain poised to stand firm for the people he represents.