LA Schools Join Radical Groups To Promote Child Transgenderism

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the nation’s second largest, is providing teachers with lesson plans promoting transgenderism to elementary school children.

They now march in lockstep with radical organizations that increasingly do not even bother to hide their intentions.

Parents are not fools, and they clearly see leftists denying targeting children in one breath — when they even bother to — and then doing exactly what they deny in their next.

Open Books, which was once called Gender Nation, professes to “validate children with LGBT+ storytelling.” The group announced last December that it would donate 7,000 gender-themed books to the system, targeting 16 to be placed in each elementary school library.

Titles include “Sparkle Boy,” “It’s Okay to be Different,” and “PRIDE: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag.”

This is business as usual for the district, which now promotes a “Queer All School Year” calendar with special monthly events and resources aimed at “queer” students. Events include the “Black Lives Matter in Schools Week of Action” and reading “inclusive books in every grade.”

The old-fashioned “Gay Straight Alliance” student clubs are being pushed aside for the new GSA. That’s the Genders and Sexualities Alliance.

Los Angeles is far from the only California district where young students get lessons in sexuality and gender fluidity. One mother in the Spreckels Union School District, Jessica Konen, publicly accused staff of indoctrinating her 12-year-old daughter in something called an “Equality Club.”

The school changed her daughter’s name and “pronouns” without informing Konen. Audio leaked from the school revealed educators speaking at a California Teachers Association conference about how to run these “clubs” in “conservative” communities.

An activist group in nearby Idaho sounded the alarm that these GSA clubs, such as the ones promoted in LA schools, “target Idaho students without the knowledge or consent of parents. The Idaho Freedom Foundation said elementary children are recruited and told “to lie to their parents.”

Schools do not exist to work around the wishes of parents and grant their children the privilege of indoctrination. Filling elementary libraries with “queer” books and recruiting 12-year-olds for gender clubs is beyond the pale, and parents have had enough.